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Residential & Light to Heavy Commercial Systems

Water Softeners are designed to "soften water" by removing dissolved minerals such as Calcium, Manganese and Iron. Strontium and Radium are also removed utilizing this type of conditioning equipment. This process is known as "Ion Exchange". As water flows through the softener tank, these dissolved minerals become attached to the Cation resin. In order to extend the life of the resin, an automatic backwash valve sends a salt solution into the resin tank, breaking the bond, and discharging the contaminated water.

Conditioned water:
* Leaves hair & skin feeling softer and smoother
* Reduces spotting of china, dishes and glassware with less detergent
* Makes laundry brighter and cleaner with less detergent
* Makes cleaning showers, tubs and sinks easier
* Helps reduces scale build-up in pipes
* Makes water heaters more efficient

Suitable applications range from 10,000 to 300,000 grains of hardness removal at flow rates from 12 to 84 gallons per minute, utilizing either single tank time-clock models or twin alternating meter systems that are designed to backwash after a pre-set amount of water is conditioned.

Water Softener applications include residences, laundromats, car washes, restaurants, schools, boilers and other commercial situations that require softened water to prevent fowling of water systems. All systems are sized according to our customers' specific needs and the level of contaminants in the water source, i.e., Total Dissolved Solids, pH, Iron, Total Alkalinity and Hardness.

This is the Complete Water Treatment System for our customers with private wells. From right to left: our twin-alternating "Fleck 9000" Water Softener (Conditioner) for iron (rust), calcium, manganese, manganese and other trace mineral removal; our Acid Neutralizer for pH control; our Auto-Chlorination System for that "rotten-egg" smell and bacteria control.



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When we install any or all of these components, we will also sanitize your well, hot water tank and all plumbing, provide at NO cost 400 lbs of softener salt, either K-Life (sodium-free) or ProSoft, the finest processed products on the market today, and a FREE 1-year Service Contract.

We offer FREE water tests.
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